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Original Slash Rants

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This community is for readers of Slash fiction to rant about and discuss original slash stories. You can rant about a story, a summary, a particular scene, clichés, a trend, etc. However, it has to be related to original fiction. This includes online stories, e-books and printed works.

While ranting is the primary focus of the community, the ultimate goal is for it to be a platform where original slash readers can interact. Therefore, members are welcome to create polls, share their musings, or ask questions on something they've always wondered about... As long as it's related to original slash, it will be welcome!


* This community is about SLASH aka GAY FICTION. If you can't handle that, please leave.

* This is a rant community, the tone will overall not be positive. If you can't handle that, please leave.


If you violate them repeatedly, you will be banned, so please read them carefully before posting or commenting.

1- Be respectful of others, posters, commenters and authors alike. THIS IS NOT MEANT TO BE A FLAMING COMMUNITY. We do not condone pointless or violent posts, comments or behavior. Please have something substantial to rant about and do so intelligently.

2- Do not disclose the author's name or the story's title in your entry or comment, unless your comment is positive.

3- Do not rant about a particular genre or fetish. If you don't like it, don't read it.

4- If your post is really long, put it under an LJ-cut. If you don't know how to do that, follow the link.

5- No spamming.

6- Do not disable or screen comments on your entries.

7- Post only about original fiction.


Please pimp the community!

Have fun ranting!

For any question or comment, please contact falconer007 via a private message.



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